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2019 Series Rules


  • All rules per Hot Rod in the IHRA Rulebook apply except:

            -No weight minimum       -Open bodied cars welcome only if LH drive

  • MINIMUM winner payout is $1000 regardless of car count
  • Series decal must be displayed on both sides of racecar or you will only receive 80% of your winnings
  • Payouts made at Performance Improvements trailer only after all eliminations are completed
  • Racer entry fee is $100 to be paid at Performance Improvements trailer prior to first your first qualifying run (You must pay spectator entry at track gate – in addition to $100 TNTSS entry)
  • $50 points registration fee per driver (once annually)
  • All participants must be registered for points series to race at an event
  • Points are awarded to driver, not car
  • Driver must make a run during a qualifying session for attendance points to be granted, regardless if race re-scheduled, etc
  • Perfect attendance bonus points (40) go to those drivers who qualified for every race
  • Co-drivers ARE allowed
    • Only ONE co-driver per points member
    • Each driver can only be a co-driver ONCE
    • Co-driver fee is $25 plus each driver must join points
    • Deadline to register co-driver is end of RACE 3
  • Lane choice goes to better qualifier
  • Ladder beginning with first round - determined based on qualifying – In order to be placed on the ladder, you must make a run in at least one qualifying session
  • Courtesy stage rule in effect (Deep staging not permitted)
  • All run field
  • .500 heads-up pro tree
  • Tech inspection to be completed by track prior to qualifying runs
  • In the case of a bye run, vehicle must stage under its own power
  • If minimum of one round is complete, the race is considered complete and payouts will be made UNLESS there are 4 or less cars remaining.  Then those cars will finish eliminations at the NEXT race during qualifying...regardless if it is different track or distance (1/8 vs 1/4)
  • If a round is incomplete (rainout, etc), then winnings revert to previous round
  • If all rounds of qualifying are complete and event is cancelled for any reason (rain, etc), reasonable efforts will be made to re-schedule.  Otherwise, qualifying points & prizes are awarded as if event was complete.
  • For points calculations – if an event is not contested (rain, etc), points will be best 7 out of 9 instead of 8 out of 10, etc
  • It is the winner's responsibility to contact suppliers, to arrange to receive prizes and to cover any costs associated with receiving prizes
  • If scheduled events on either side of border cannot be completed for any reason, events may be re-scheduled to either Canada OR United States depending on track availability
  • If for any reason you have a problem with any aspect of the TNTSS, you are to take it up with the Series Director immediately. Any outbursts in front of other racers will NOT BE TOLERATED and could lead to disciplinary action from the TNTSS.
  • Disciplinary action for rule infractions:
       First offense - 2 race suspension
       Second offense - 1 year suspension
       Third offense - permanent suspension
  • Any disputes are left to the discretion of TNTSS officials with final decision in the hands of the Series Director

2019 Race of Champions Rules

  • Entrants must have won a previous TNTSS event
  • No entry fee
  • Field will be laddered from first round
  • All regular TNTSS events completed BEFORE the ROC will count as a 2019 ROC qualifier


2019 Points System

Points earned as follows with the addition of qualifying and bonus points as below:

Field Size 1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th RU WIN
4 or less 40         72 95
5 to 8 40 50       72 95
9 to 16 40 50 60     72 95
17 to 32 40 50 60 70   82 105
33 to 64 40 50 60 70 80 92 115






Qualifying Points awarded at each event:

1st - 32            9th - 16

2nd - 30          10th - 14

3rd - 28           11th - 12

4th - 26           12th - 10

5th - 24           13th - 8

6th - 22           14th - 6

7th - 20           15th - 4

8th - 18           16th - 2


ALL drivers are allowed TWO mulligans.

ie.  Your worst two points days will be removed from the yearend calculation


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